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Welcome to the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning. We are home to the largest urban planning faculty in the United States and enjoy the advantage of operating within the context of MIT’s culture of innovation and interdisciplinary knowledge creation. We provide our students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with active engagement in the practice of place-making to understand and solve pressing urban and environmental problems.


We prepare leaders to plan, design, and create communities and places that are socially, economically, and environmentally just.

We pursue this mission through four evolving strategic priorities: achieving racial justice, enhancing multi-racial democratic governance, tackling the climate crisis, and closing the wealth gap.

We aim to fulfill our mission through all aspects of our teaching, research, department culture, and external collaborations.


DUSP hosts a wide range of events bringing together members of the DUSP community with external organizers, practitioners, academics, and professionals. Presented below is an unfiltered list of upcoming events at DUSP.

To see a complete list of events, filter by interest, or to see past events, click here.

In Focus

September 5
Graduate Admissions Open
September 6
First day of classes, Fall Term
December 13
Last Day of Classes
December 15
Graduate Admissions Closes