Political Economy of the Climate Crisis: Institutions, Power and Global Governance

This project takes a political economy approach to climate change, enabling an explicit focus on institutions, power and global governance. It centers on three interrelated dimensions of the climate crisis: the political governance challenge of mobilizing climate action and designing new institutional mechanisms to address the global and intergenerational distributional aspects of climate change; the economic challenge of devising new institutional approaches to equitably finance climate action beyond the currently dominant economic rationale; and the cultural challenge – and opportunity – of empowering an adaptive socio-cultural ecology through traditional knowledge and local-level social networks to achieve environmental resilience. The project is organized through the Political Economy Lab and will include engagement with partners in the Caribbean, India and elsewhere in the Global South that are at the leading edge of innovative – but often under recognized and under appreciated - Global South initiatives on climate justice.


Image credit: Dimas Ardian via Bloomberg