Lidia Cano Pecharroman

Doctoral Candidate

Lidia Cano Pecharroman is PhD Candidate at DUSP specializing on Environmental Policy Planning for extreme climate events. She is also an attorney and policy analyst with a focus on natural resources management for security, conflict prevention and climate policy. Lidia has published work on water security and management policy, human rights and environmental governance in the extractive sector, and the role of civil society in conflict prevention amongst others.

Previously Lidia was a Legal and Policy Advisor at Climate, Law and Policy, an independent advisory organisation that helps design, implement and sustain advances in environmental governance, she was also consultant and researcher providing research and analysis to governments, international organizations and the private sector. Along those lines she collaborated as an attorney and researcher with the UC Berkeley Center for the Law, Energy and Environment, Radon Law Offices, LSE and the Natural Resources and Governance Institute, but her research has also served different UN agencies and governments. Previously she was a Fulbright Scholar and Research Fellow for the Columbia University Women, Peace and Security program working on the nexus between gender, security and natural resources exploitation.She has also worked on the design of conflict prevention strategies for the mining sector and on land allocation processes in Latin America, and on a solar energy venture in Pakistan. Before her masters at Columbia University she worked on Nature Rights and environmental conflicts at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) Division for Sustainable Development, and monitoring peacekeeping missions at the UN Operations and Crisis Center.

Lidia holds an MIA from Columbia University with a concentration on Energy and Natural Resources Management and a specialization on International Conflict Resolution, and a Masters on International Affairs and African Studies by Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and New York University and a Law Degree by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, she is a member of the Madrid Bar Association.


Lidia Cano Pecharroman
Assessing community flood adaptation capacity to reduce flood losses
(under review)
Lidia Cano Pecharroman, ChangHoon Hahn
Who Benefits from Flood Adaptation?– Evidence from US wide time series data
(under review)
The role of BITs dispute resolution systems in environmental and human rights policy
Book chapter forthcoming
Lidia Cano Pecharroman, Lizzie Yarina
Theories of Resilience
Principles and Concepts of Disaster Risks Vol.1 (forthcoming book chapter)