Kareem El-Sisi

MCP + CSE SM Student

Kareem H. El-Sisi, an Egyptian national, is a Master of City Planning and Master of Computational Science and Engineering student with a background in urban planning, economics, and data science. He combines these fields to understand how we can form sustainable strategies that transform complex, underdeveloped areas that have existed since ancient times into high-quality, timeless cities that generate economic prosperity and provide a decent quality of life. His work uses computational methods combined with new data sources to understand the interplay between the built environment and the virtual environment.

He is currently a researcher at the Senseable City Lab at MIT focusing on international projects related to the environment and artificial intelligence, additionally, he assists the lab’s business development and partnerships team with forming partnerships with public institutions and collaborations with private companies to make an impact in the world.  His research work has received the APA Holzheimer Memorial Student Scholarship for Economic Development Planning for his ability to form strategies for sustainable urban development.

Before joining MIT, Kareem held roles in the industries of consulting, technology, tourism, and transportation planning. He holds a B.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of Southern California, where his undergraduate thesis received the Discovery Scholar Distinction and his charitable work was recognized by an Etzioni Bianchi Memorial Community Service Award. He speaks Arabic, French, and English.