Adeposi Adeogun

Doctoral Student

Adẹ́pọ̀sì Adéọ̀gùn is a Doctoral Student at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning where he is primarily interested in the confluence of urban design, governance, and resilience in African cities. With an academic background in environmental design (M.ED.) and architecture (BSc.), coupled with his own experience of internal displacement, Adẹ́pọ̀sì aspires to redefine the essence of African urbanity, focusing on accessibility, ownership, and citizenship. His research centers on exploring the relationship between civil society organizations and informal communities within sub-Saharan African cities, aiming to ultimately redirect the emphasis and priority of infrastructure planning from solely economic development to an approach that emphasizes equity. His academic journey underscores a strong research commitment, demonstrated by his extensive study and experiements with participatory planning through urban labs in Oworonshoki, Lagos.

Prior to joining MIT, Adẹ́pọ̀sì built a diverse skill set, ranging from project management with the Heinrich Boell Foundation to the execution of data-driven strategies for the Development Impact Evaluation department of the World Bank. These experiences strategically position him to analyze, assess, and evaluate the nuances of developmental cooperation between various stakeholders within and outside the continent of Africa. Beyond academia, he envisions a future where urban planning transcends conventional boundaries, nurturing vibrant cities that embody equity, inclusiveness, and shared prosperity, effectively bridging the gap between theory and practice.