Feminicide and counterdata production

Official government data on gender violence and feminicide is often incomplete and/or missing. In a new study researchers examine the work of activists and civil society groups across six countries to uncover how the fields of data science might support and sustain the counterdata production practices of activists.

Authors of the paper include: DUSP's Catherine D'Ignazio; DUSP alumnae Isadora Cruxên (MCP '16, PhD '22) and Angeles Martinez Cuba (MCP '21); DUSP alum Wonyoung So (MCP '20, doctoral student); Feminicidio Uruguay's Helena Suárez Val; MIT Program in Science, Technology, and Society's Mariel García-Montes (SM '18, doctoral student); ILDA's Silvana Fumega; and CSAIL's Harini Suresh (SB '16, MNG '17, doctoral student).

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