Victor Vergara

Former Lead Urban Specialist and Senior Evaluation Officer, Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank. Led urban sectoral evaluations on the relevance and effectiveness of World Bank support to clients addressing Urban Resilience, Urban Spatial Growth, Urban Finance and Solid Waste Management and monitored the implementation of evaluation recommendations. At the World Bank since 1991, he worked as sector leader on urban development strategies, lending operations, capacity building and evaluation in 30 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Prior to joining the World Bank, he was manager supporting low-income coastal communities in the Mexican Fisheries Development Trust

Holds Bachelor of Science on Water Resources from University of Maryland; Master of Agriculture from Texas A&M University; and Master of City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

After a career at the World Bank, would like to explore new ways of taking action to foster sustainable urban development in the context of existential challenges such as climate change and rapid urbanization. He would like to explore alternate frameworks as well as institutional and technical approaches to reimagine sustainable and equitable urban development with an emphasis on low-income communities. Eager to fill knowledge gaps by catching up on the latest thinking and debates on urban development.