Planning Ideas that Matter Podcast

The first season of DUSP's Planning Ideas that Matter Podcast, hosted by Dave Lishansky and Takeo Kuwabara, builds upon the Fall 2017 faculty debates on the field and concept of Urban Science.

The second season of the Planning Ideas that Matter Podcast, hosted by Tiffany Ferguson (MCP '18) and Samra Lakew (MCP '20), explores the impact of disruptions linked to the global COVID19 pandemic and how the field of urban planning is adapting to these disruptions.  

Season One

Episode One: Lawrence Susskind

Episode Two: Janelle Knox-Hayes

Episode Three: David Hsu

Episode Four: Amy Glasmeier

Episode Five: Jason Jackson

Episode Six: Albert Siaz

Episode Seven: Bish Sanyal

Episode Eight: Ceasar McDowell

Episode Nine: Justin Steil

Episode Ten: Gabriella Carolini

Episode Eleven: Carlo Ratti

Season Two

Episode One: Karilyn Crockett and Delia Wendel

Episode Two: Andres Sevtsuk and Lindiwe Rennert

Episode Three: Fábio Duarte and Taskina Tareen

Episode Four: Andrea Marie Chegut and Kayode Agbalajobi

Episode Five: Justin Steil and Sam Jung

Episode Six: Holly Harriel and Dasjon Jordan

Episode Seven: Jason Jackson and Carolyn Yang

Episode Eight: Gabriella Carolini and Darryle Ulama

Episode Nine: Jeff Levine and Chris Rhie