Co-creating a Theory of Change for Anti-Racist Research

Through this project, PowerCorps BOS and the MIT Civilian Climate Corps Initiative (MITCCCI) will co-develop a theory of change for anti-racist research. PowerCorps BOS, created in 2021 as a component of the city's Green New Deal vision, trains young adults 18-30 for green careers. The MITCCCI seeks to contribute to the implementation of the idea of a "civilian climate corps" for racial, economic and environmental justice, in cities and communities. Drawing on our established partnership and work together to date, our mutual goal is to create a tool, with the support and expertise of the RJRI to guide us, that can strengthen and increase the impact of our ongoing work together.

Led by: Simmone Carina Stearn (MArch '25), Joe Rowell (Workforce Development Manager, PowerCorps BOS), Lisbeth Shepherd (Lecturer, Architecture & Entrepreneur in Residence, MITDesignX)

Geography: Boston, Massachusetts