Khadija Ghanizada

MCP Candidate

Khadija Ghanizada is a master’s candidate at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her focus lies in environmental planning and policy, alongside international development. Khadija graduated in 2023 from Bard College with a BA in Environmental & Urban Studies. She also serves as a teaching assistant at the D-Lab for the Introduction to Energy in Global Development and Applications of Energy in Global Development.

Currently, Khadija is engaged in research on the redevelopment of West Bengal’s Jute Mills in Post-Industrial Kolkata, India, in collaboration with Professor Brent Ryan. Her previous work includes efforts toward mitigating climate change through interventions in the food system, including diversifying and localizing food vendors, teaching cooking skills, advocating for sustainable practices and researching sustainable ways of mitigating food waste. In the summer before her senior year Khadija spearheaded research at the Bard Summer Research Institute on the feasibility of anaerobic digesters, resulting in the successful implementation of the HORSE AD 25 at Bard College. 

At Bard College, Khadija played a pivotal role in leading BardEATS (Education, Advocacy, Transparency, and Sustainability), a collaborative initiative dedicated to fostering sustainable and equitable food systems on campus. She implemented beekeeping practices, and engaged in farm work.

Khadija's undergraduate research focused on "Food and Waste in Urban Kabul: The Role of the Informal Waste Sector and Climate Change." Outside of academia and research, Khadija enjoys exploring nature, photography, and engaging in outdoor activities such as running, biking and hiking.