Erica Caple James

Associate Professor of Medical Anthropology and Urban Studies

Erica James is an Associate Professor of Medical Anthropology and Urban Studies. Her work is focused on violence and trauma; philanthropy, humanitarianism, and charity; human rights, democratization, and postconflict transition processes; race, gender, and culture; and religion and healing. Erica's first book, Democratic Insecurities: Violence, Trauma, and Intervention in Haiti (University of California Press 2010), documents the psychosocial experience of Haitian torture survivors targeted during the 1991-94 coup period and analyzes the politics of humanitarian assistance in "post-conflict" nations making the transition to democracy. Her second major book project, Wounds of Charity: Haitian Immigrants and Corporate Catholicism in Boston, analyzes the "biopolitics of charity" at a "faith-based" organization serving Haitian immigrants and refugees that is funded through Catholic Charities. The project was supported by funding from the NIH Health Disparities Research Program. Her third project, Governing Gifts: Law, Risk, and the "War on Terror", continues this focus on the politics of charity by tracing the impact of U.S. anti-terrorism financing laws and practices on both faith-based and secular NGOs in the United States.