Anushree Chaudhuri

SB/MCP Candidate

Anushree (she/her) is a SB/MCP '24 studying urban planning and economics. She hopes to drive systemic changes that connect the climate crisis to existing structural inequities, creating co-benefits for diverse issues and communities. Her research with the Science Impact Collaborative (specifically, the MIT Renewable Energy Facility Siting Clinic led by Larry Susskind) and involvement with several campus committees at MIT have strengthened her belief in effective organizing, consensus-building, and governance as catalysts for reform. After graduating from DUSP, she intends to pursue an PhD with a focus on energy, environment, and resources in the UK with support from the Marshall Foundation as a 2024 Marshall Scholar. By taking an interdisciplinary approach—one that combines law, economics, planning, conflict resolution, participatory research, and data science—Anushree is committed to a career creating policies and programs that are data-driven, human-centered, and incorporate the nuanced issues of environmental justice. On campus, she leads the Student Sustainability Coalition to facilitate collective action between groups. She has interned with an environmental start-up, the World Wildlife Fund, and the U.S. Department of Energy, and she plans to continue engaging across the private and public sectors to affect change. Anushree also loves to write, cook, sing, and explore built environments on foot, bike, and public transit.