Using Data-Driven Methods for Public Benefit

Repost of Peter Dizikes's September 8, 2020 MIT News Story.

 Lacking a strong public transit system, residents of Nairobi, Kenya, often get around the city using “matatus” — group taxis following familiar routes. This informal method of transportation is essential to people’s lives: About 3.5 million people in Nairobi regularly use matatus.

Helping Street Commerce Thrive

Repost of Peter Dizikes' August 28, 2020 MIT News Piece

How many retail, food, and service establishments are there on the streets of New York City? How about Evanston, Illinois? Or Sacramento, California? It turns out the amount of urban street commerce is strikingly related to population size. The biggest metro areas in the U.S. have one retail, food, or service establishment for roughly every 120 people, while the smallest metro areas have roughly one for every 100 people.

Confronting Systems of Violence

The reality of the world today urgently calls us to reimagine what is required to build inclusive, thriving, and sustainable cities. Towards these ends, DUSP is committed to a transformation of our departmental culture as well as our approach to teaching, research, and career development. DUSP stands in solidarity and seeks to support Black Lives Matter and other movements drawing attention to systemic racism that permeates all aspects of life in the USA.