Faculty Members Honored with Committed to Caring Awards

Please join us in congratulating Gabriella Carolini, Susan Murcott, Justin Steil, and Jinhua Zhao, who have been awarded 2017-2018 Committed to Caring Awards. Carolini, Steil, and Zhao are DUSP faculty members, Murcott, a D-Lab faculty member, has taught and mentored many DUSP graduate students at MIT - all are valued members of the DUSP community.

The Office of Graduate Education celebrates honorees of the Committed to Caring Award for their efforts to go "above and beyond” to make meaningful impacts in the lives - both personally and academically - of MIT graduate students. Started in the spring of 2014, Committed to Caring revolves around graduate students - students nominate faculty and comprise the majority of a panel of reviewers who select honorees. Selection criteria for the award include the scope and range of advisor impact, excellence in mentoring scholarship, and demonstrated commitment to inclusion and diversity. Committed to Caring seeks to highlight and encourage good advising and mentorship across the MIT community.

Blanche Staton, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education, remarked of the nominations, "It was heartwarming to read the numerous accounts regarding acts of compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit in our community. It speaks to the power and impact acts of caring have that so many students felt compelled to participate in the nominating process.”

Look to MIT News and the Office of Graduate Education Committed to Caring Profiles page for paired celebrations of each faculty member’s contributions to introducing more sympathy, humility, decency, respect, and kindness into the MIT graduate student community.

To see a complete listing of the 2017-2018 Committed to Caring Award recipients and learn more about the award itself, read the full MIT News Story, here.