Centering Equity in Federal Housing and Community Development

How might a renewed and reimagined commitment to equity allow for changes in how the federal government researches, learns, and implements housing and community development programs? And how might changes in methods and scope center racial justice and injustice when considering issues such as access to housing, identity-based discrimination, environmental justice, and the value of community-knowledge?
A new paper for Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research, "Seeing More, Learning More: Equity in Housing and Community Development," explores how expanding the types of sources of knowledge utilized by federal agencies, the methods required to produce evidence, and creatively expanding upon the scope of knowledge production could aid agencies to extend their reach and promote social progress on critical issues such as racism and racial justice.  
The authors of the paper include DUSP’s Justin Steil, Brookings Metro’s Xavier de Souza Briggs and Carlos Martín, and University of Pennsylvania’s Vincent Reina.

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