The Case for Contagious Sharing of Urban Solutions

"The world has an incredible stockpile of effective urban policies, but the best ideas are not being adopted quickly or widely enough," wrote Carlo Ratti and Michael Baick in a prespective piece for Bloomberg's CityLab. "Covid-19 taught us all how to slow the spread of viruses: wear masks, avoid large gatherings and take vaccines. To speed the spread of good ideas, we need to take the opposite tack by making urban solutions go viral."

Their piece, "How the Science of Infection Can Make Cities Stronger," suggests how greater communication across municipal government offices could lead to more rapid adoption of practical solutions for urgent challenges such as the climate crisis and affordable housing stock. 

Ratti is the Professor of Practice of Urban Technologies and Planning at DUSP where he directs the Senseable City Lab. Baick is a staff writer at the design and innovation office CRA–Carlo Ratti Associati.

Read their full piece, here.