A Call to Action to Develop a Recovery Plan for the T

"Today, as I write this, I just missed a Red Line train and the next train message board, at 9:09 am on a weekday, said that the next two trains would arrive in 15 and 20 minutes, respectively. This has been the norm on a subway line that serves some of the city’s most important civic, medical, and academic institutions, linking a large and diverse population to jobs, health care, and many other opportunities," writes DUSP's Jim Aloisi for CommonWealth Magazine. "It was, after months of enduring substandard conditions, the inflection point in my thinking. Patience, and silence, will not help solve this."

Aloisi's piece, "The MBTA is in crisis. Let’s treat it that way." traces the decisions that have contributed to the externalities passed on to riders of the T and the challenges currently faced by the Healey-Driscoll administration. Read the full piece.


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