Emergent Futures in Scaling Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Guest Speakers: Keshia De Freece Lawrence and Maria De Freece Lawrence

Keshia De Freece Lawrence (she/them) is a Ramapough Lenape tribal member and cultural bearer living in Eastern Connecticut, USA. She holds a BA in International Relations and MA in International Law from the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica. De Freece is the founder of the Sovereign Science organization, an LLC dedicated to mobilizing Indigenous communities to collect data of sacred sites and places of ecocide.

Maria (she/her) is Ramapough Lenape Munsee, Deer Clan tribal member and Elder. Professionally, Maria has been engaged in teacher preparation and professional development for twenty-two years. She is currently a professor of education in Providence, Rhode Island at Rhode Island College. Dr. Lawrence is a Fulbright Scholar Alumni having conducted research in Brazil; Israel and Palestine, and Poland.