Career Resources @ DUSP, MIT, and Beyond

Please join us next Wednesday, 9/28, at 1pm in the City Arena (or via Zoom), for “Career Resources at DUSP, MIT, and Beyond,” DUSPConnect’s primary resources info-session of the year.  We’ll hear from:

  • Mary Jane Daly, DUSP’s Director of Professional Development, who’ll speak about DUSPConnect and planning-career pathways
  • Tavi Sookhoo, Career Development Specialist with MIT Career Advising and Professional Development, who will detail CAPD resources including Handshake. 
  • Alison Hynd and Julie Uva will join us again from the PKG Center. (Slides from last week's session are here).

Please bring your questions about all things career-related, and we’ll look forward to seeing you there.  Please note that the session will be streamed on Zoom, and we’ll get you the link shortly.