Local Data Hubs Driving Positive Change in Cities

Dr. Patricia McCarney (DUSP PHD '87), president of CEO of World Council on City Data as well as the director of the Global Cities Institute at the University of Toronto, is championing open access to local data from cities across the world. The World Council on City Data showcases over 1.2 million combinations of data relationships, across 17 themes, and 100 indicators - helping cities to provide local answers to global questions.

Big Data and Real Estate Markets

How does the introduction of disruptive technologies and big data impact urban real estate markets?

Collective Imagination vs Hegemonic Structures

What happens when the tactics of fact-checking and reason appear to be ineffectual at balancing the power, agendas, and stories of the elite and powerful?

During IAP 2018, DUSP Alumni Lawrence Barriner (MCP '14) and Grant Williams (MCP '17) lead a three day workshop aimed at linking the everyday innovation occurring across MIT with the limitless scope of speculative fiction.

David Hsu named new chair of Energy Minor Oversight Committee

David Hsu, Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning is the new chair of the Energy Minor Oversight Committee, responsible for shaping curriculum development and the creation of educational programs associated with the Energy Studies Minor.

The Energy Studies Minor, housed within the MIT Energy Initiative, is an interdisciplinary, undergraduate course of study that enables students from different schools and departments within MIT to explore energy issues across a wide range of fields.

DUSP Alumna to Head MassHousing

Please join us in congratulating Chrystal Kornegay (MCP '97) who will become the first woman and the first person of color to lead MassHousing.

In Adrian Walker's Boston Globe piece, Kornegay says, 'I don’t think of myself as the typical kind of person to do this job, because I grew up black and poor, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, but I had to make my boot and my straps. Even if you look at people of color in these roles, it’s not the black woman in dreads from Bed-Stuy.’

Erica James on Trump's Haiti Insult

In an op-ed for The Globe Post, DUSP Professor Erica Caple James calls out President Trump for his recent insulting comments about Haiti, calling special attention to the history and context of disasters that have affected that country:

Trump’s Insults Pour Salt in Wounds of Haitians Healing After Succession of Disaster