PhD in Design and Computation

The PhD program is broadly conceived around computational ideas as they pertain to the description, generation, and construction of architectural form. Issues range from the mathematical foundations of the discipline to the application and extension of advanced computer technology. The mission of program is to enhance and enrich design from a computational perspective, with clear implications for practice and teaching.


The International Development Group (IDG) is the longest standing and largest program within a U.S. planning school devoted to graduate study and research in subjects specific to the developing world. Approximately one-quarter of the Master's students entering DUSP each year choose the IDG specialization, as do approximately one-third of the entering PhD students. This program area attracts internationally focused students with a wide range of backgrounds, work experiences, and interests.


PhD in Building Technology

The program is open to qualified students with a suitable background in technology and a degree in engineering, science or architecture. It provides a focus for those interested in the development and application of advanced technology for buildings. Students in this program take subjects in engineering disciplines along with subjects that deal with the application of these topics to buildings.


The HCED faculty leads cutting-edge research projects, including action research that directly engages us with agents of change in the public, private, and nongovernmental sectors. Our research aims to understand and call attention to the dynamic forces shaping metropolitan economies, politics, and community life and to inform policymaking and planning practice. Our dual commitment to building theory and encouraging reflective practice creates a rich and flexible environment for our students.



HCED focuses on the equitable development of American communities at the neighborhood, city and regional levels.

For decades the group’s faculty and students have helped shape policy, practice and research in housing, economic, workforce and comprehensive community development. Teaching students to practice and research in these substantive areas has been driven by a deep faculty commitment to expanding opportunity and improving quality of life for historically disadvantaged groups.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Architectural Design Stream

Architectural Design is taught from a broad range of perspectives linking several common concerns: site and context, use and form, building methods and materials, design methodologies, and the role of the architect in a changing society and world. The undergraduate studio sequence begins with instruction in design fundamentals and continues with design projects on increasingly complexity.


Master of Architecture

The MArch degree prepares students for professional registration as architects in the United States. The MIT Department of Architecture offers the MArch degree, which is a professional degree structured to educate those who aspire to licensed registration as architects. It is the centerpiece of the Department of Architecture.