DUSP Students Present in Somerville, MA

Students in DUSP's "Community Growth and Land Use Planning" practicum class, taught by Terry Szold and Susan Silberberg, presented their findings to a public meeting in the City of Somerville.  See http://www.scatvsomerville.org/snn/mit-students-pitch-visions-in-brickbo... for some local coverage, including a video of their presentation on recommendations for the revitalization of the city's Brickbottom neighborhood.

What are the real costs and benefits of fracking in Pennsylvania and West Virginia?

Are the models used to evaluate the costs and benefit of natural mineral extraction reliable? Do they accurately account for the most important benefits and costs communities are likely to experience during a process like fracking?

MIT DUSP Faculty Awards (x2)

MIT/DUSP is pleased to report two "big wins" for faculty in the department.  Congratulations to: