DUSP/CITE evaluates water filters

The United Nations now estimates that 90 percent of the world’s population has access to improved drinking water. But the story of access to safe drinking water is more complex, especially when it comes to the 2.7 billion people who live on less than $2 a day: In developing countries around the world, tens of millions of people rely on water filtration and purification products each year to improve their drinking water in the absence of proper infrastructure providing clean water.

Boston Climate Change Dialogue: Sink or Swim

On Sept. 21, MIT faculty spoke to a packed room of impassioned citizens concerned about the effects of climate change at the Boston Athenaeum’s "Sink or Swim" event. The intriguing title references the challenges and opportunities inherent in protecting the city and surrounding areas as sea levels rise and major storms increase. The topics presented included a closer examination of infrastructure and environmental concerns, as well as social and economic impacts.

LA Metro Names DUSP Alum Joshua Schank (MCP 1999) as Chief Innovation Officer

Congratulations to Joshua L. Schank (MCP 1999), who was just named the first-even "Chief Innovation Officer" for LA Metro. 

See http://www.masstransitmag.com/press_release/12119639/la-metro-announces-... for more.

Student Research: Historic Maritime Cities as New Places for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

In her PhD dissertation "Historic Maritime Cities as New Places for Entrepreneurs and Innovators:  Lessons from Venice, Amsterdam and Boston," Laurie Zapalac (PhD 2015) explored ways that historically diverse urban environments are still relevant to entrepreneurs today, because they possess a set of particular qualities that makes them knowledge-intensive and provide conditions in which entrepreneurs can "self-optimize."

Public Service Partnerships: Profiles of Current Student Projects

MIT's Public Service Fellowships program enables students to devote significant time and energy to tackling community challenges around the world. The program supports students from all departments across campus and at all stages of an MIT education from freshmen to Ph.D. candidates. The common factor for these students is that they are partnering with community organizations to investigate and address real community needs.

Fadi Masoud on "Designing a Sustainable Future"

DUSP Lecturer Fadi Masoud recently participated in "Resilience Colloquium" on Designing a Sustainable Future, organized by the Miami School of Architecture. 

Mel King: "helping the city's youths prepare for the future"

An article in The Christian Science Monitor celebrates the work of DUSP's own Mel King.

For more than 60 years, King has been – you name it – an activist, a fair-housing advocate, a politician, an educator, a writer, a fighter for urban neighborhoods and less-advantaged families. So perhaps it’s not surprising he’s met a few people.