Structure and Interpretation of City Planning

Being the (partially) recovered transcripts from a groundbreaking effort in artificial intelligence and urban simulation.  See "Preface" of attached pdf for additional background.

[Draft/work-in-progress; see title page for date of latest compile.]

In the News: Tunney Lee on Development Models for China

As part of a series on urbanization in China, Professor Tunney Lee was interviewed on China Radio International's "People in the Know" program. The discussion explores both positive and negative examples of urbanization, to highlight successful development models that China can emulate--and mistakes to avoid.  To learn more about the series, or to listen to the broadcast, visit the CRI English website.

Alumni Profiles: Alan Bell (MCP 1977)

We recently asked a number of alumni to share their reflections on the value of their DUSP education.  From time to time, we will feature their responses in this space.