Brent Ryan: Blueprints for renewal

Professor of urban design and public policy Brent Ryan believes good architecture can help revive cities.

Most of us have looked at an ugly building and thought: I could do better than that. Brent Ryan turned that idea into a career.

Sarah Williams’ “City Digits:Local Lotto” Project On Display at Cooper Hewitt Museum, Sep 30th

Sarah Williams, Director of the Civic Data Design Lab at DUSP will present “City Digits:Local Lotto” at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum from Sept. 30 through Feb. 26, 2017.

Planning Ideas that Matter: 5 Faculty Debates

The DUSP PhD Program and the SPURS/Humphrey Fellows Program are sponsoring five faculty debates lead by Professor Larry Vale. Each debate covers a different topic about planning ideas. They will be held on alternate Wednesdays in Room 9-255 (City Arena) at 12:30 pm starting on Sep 14, 2016. Lunch will be served. The topics are as follows:

To reduce discrimination, do law and policy have a role in shaping best practices for the search processes?

What happens when we look at housing discrimination from the perspective of the home seeker instead of the home seller or landlord? Lee Fennell, from the University of Chicago Law School and Bill Fischel, from the Dartmouth College Economics Department, explored this idea in the first event in DUSP’s series on Fair Housing and recent developments in planning, law and civil rights.

Entrepreneurial Negotiation: The MIT Way

For anyone considering an entrepreneurial venture, either as a founder, innovation team member or investor, mastering the unique challenges of entrepreneurial negotiation is crucial. Both inventors and investors can end up with nothing if they fail to negotiate effectively. DUSP Professor Larry Susskind is one of the founders and Vice-Chair of the inter university Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. He has created the only online negotiation instruction course designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

User-collected data in city planning

Lily Bui draws upon science, art, and public advocacy to enrich urban design.

“It’s the community engagement that’s most important,” says Lily Bui, a recent graduate of MIT's Comparative Media Studies program and a PhD candidate in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. She has long been interested in how to engage people in technology-driven change.

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn

A four-part, lunch discussion aimed at generating “good ideas” about how to ensure that TA assignments and graduate instructorships prepare doctoral students effectively for their teaching careers. What teaching responsibilities should DUSP PHD students be expected to assume? What preparation and teaching instruction do they need? How can the Department and doctoral advisors ensure that DUSP PHDs build their teaching repertoires effectively? How can doctoral students use their teaching assignments to deepen their knowledge of specific planning and public policy topics?

CITE completes evaluation of water test kits in India

Study of water test kits used in Gujarat, India, assesses suitability, scalability, and sustainability.

How do you know your water is clean and safe to drink? Whether you live in Flint, Michigan, or a half a world away in northwest India, many families don’t have a good answer to this question.