User-collected data in city planning

Lily Bui draws upon science, art, and public advocacy to enrich urban design.

“It’s the community engagement that’s most important,” says Lily Bui, a recent graduate of MIT's Comparative Media Studies program and a PhD candidate in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. She has long been interested in how to engage people in technology-driven change.

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn

A four-part, lunch discussion aimed at generating “good ideas” about how to ensure that TA assignments and graduate instructorships prepare doctoral students effectively for their teaching careers. What teaching responsibilities should DUSP PHD students be expected to assume? What preparation and teaching instruction do they need? How can the Department and doctoral advisors ensure that DUSP PHDs build their teaching repertoires effectively? How can doctoral students use their teaching assignments to deepen their knowledge of specific planning and public policy topics?

CITE completes evaluation of water test kits in India

Study of water test kits used in Gujarat, India, assesses suitability, scalability, and sustainability.

How do you know your water is clean and safe to drink? Whether you live in Flint, Michigan, or a half a world away in northwest India, many families don’t have a good answer to this question.

Student Research: Water Crisis in Brazil

In her MCP thesis, "Fluid Dynamics: Politics and Social Struggle in São Paulo's Water Crisis (2014–2015)," Isadora Araujo Cruxen (MCP 2016) used social movement theory to make sense of -- and learn from -- the 2013 drought and ensuing water crisis in Brazil's largest city, São Paulo.

DUSP in Nature Climate Change: a serious game

In order to effectively adapt to climate change, public officials and other stakeholders need to rapidly enhance their understanding of local risks and their ability to collaboratively and adaptively respond to them.

Professor Judith Tendler

We are saddened to report the news that Professor Emerita Judith Tendler passed away on July 25, 2016.

Judith Tendler was a development economist with an institutional bent. Starting in 1984, she served as Professor of Political Economy in the International Development Group of the Department of Urban Studies & Planning at MIT.

Assessing health impacts of policies and plans

New class offers urban planners tools to explore the intersection of city planning and public health.

STL Lab Lecture on "Ghost Cities: the Role of Citizens and the Government"

This past semester, Dr. Max Woodworth visited DUSP's STL Lab to deliver a lecture entitled “Ghost Cities: the Role of Citizens and the Government.”