Janelle Knox-Hayes Tells WalletHub that Cities have "No Choice" but to go Green

In her recent interview with WalletHub, Janelle Knox-Hayes debunked the myth that going green would be too costly for cities. While WalletHub found that 26% of Americans believe the costs are too high, Knox-Hayes stressed the importance for the economy and the world to go green. She listed numerous benefits of going green and also addressed the best policies and investments, and how states and local authorities can attract feneable energy companies.

Student Research: Environmental Justice and Gentrification

In her MCP thesis, "The Role of Environmental Justice in the Fight Against Gentrification," Genea Foster (MCP 2016) used case studies to explore the complex interplay between economics, equity, affordability, gentrification, and environmental quality.

2016 EPP Fall Newsletter

Do you want to learn more about the Environmental Policy and Planning Group? Discover new research, new faculty, and new students. Gain insight into the course offerings, publications, and events of the summer. The Fall 2016 EPP Newsletter is now available online, to read the full newsletter please follow the link.

Spectrum: Community-Based Data for Health

The latest issue of MIT's Spectrum describes "Seven Ways Data Are Making a Difference," including work by DUSP Professor Mariana Arcaya, using data to explore topics related to healthy neighborhoods.

Entrepreneurship by design

New DesignX accelerator speeds innovation at the School of Architecture and Planning.

The School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) has launched a new entrepreneurship accelerator, DesignX, to cultivate and assist students and faculty developing products, systems, and companies that focus on design and the built environment.

Student Research: The Ridesourcing Revolution

In her MCP thesis, "Perspectives on the Ridesourcing Revolution," Margo Dawes (MCP 2016) surveyed individual attitudes toward Uber and Lyft to inform urban transportation policymaking.