New EdX Course, CITE101x: Technology Evaluation in Global Development

When an individual is in extreme poverty, as some 2.7 billions individuals around the world are, how can development practitioners minimize risk when using technological interventions?

In a new EdX course, DUSP Professor Bishwapriya Sanyal joins an interdisciplinary group of MIT faculty to enable students to conduct their own technology evaluations to promote data-driven decisions through research or development practice. This course is designed for academics and global development practitioners and it open and free to anyone.

NeuroMesh selected for finals of MIT 100K Launch

Critical infrastructure has been shown to be vulnerable to cyberattacks as seen in high profile attacks such as that on the Ukrainian electric grid in both 2015 and 2016. Many of the systems that control the electric grid are directly connected to the internet. Our modern society could be brought to a standstill with keystrokes.

Gregory Falco (DUSP PhD Candidate) and Caleb Li (Sloan ’17) have been working to prevent this national security disaster through their startup, NeuroMesh, which provides endpoint protection to smart meters and other internet of things (IoT) devices.

Ellen Rushman awarded a 2017 Infinite Mile Award

On Thursday, May 11th, Ellen Rushman, DUSP's Academic Programs Coordinator, received one of three 2017 Infinite Mile Awards.

Amongst the many glowing comments about Ellen at the award ceremony, a clear theme emerged. That theme is her dedication to go above and beyond in creating a caring and supportive community for the students, faculty, and staff at DUSP, which Ellen does without the need for acknowledgement or praise.

DUSP PhD Candidate Cauam Ferreira Cardoso awarded the 2017 MIT Goodwin Medal for excellence in teaching

Cardoso has taught a wide of subjects at MIT, from introductory undergraduate courses to international graduate practicums, a unifying theme to emerge is the care he devotes to his students and his dedication to ensuring they succeed in his classes. Drawing upon his diverse international living experiences, Cardoso also offers wisdom and guidance to his students beyond his impressive academic abilities.

Professor Amy Glasmerier's dedication to her students recognized with an Office of the Dean for Graduate Education's Committed to Caring Award

Glasmerier's Living Wage Calculator, an open access mechanism for analyzing the minimum level of income required for individuals and families to pay for basic living expenses is perhaps the most famous of her accomplishments at DUSP. However, this award seeks to highlight Glasmerier's effort at DUSP outside of journals, books, and per-review; the passion, support, and effort she consistently extends to to her students.

“IDEAS” to change the world

Ten MIT student teams developing innovations to improve the lives of people around the world split awards totaling $95,000 — including a top prize for an app that tackles the U.S. opioid epidemic — at the annual IDEAS Global Challenge showcase and awards ceremony.

Are social values and normative judgements useful when studying transportation?

How is the subject of transportation uniquely enhanced by DUSP's intellectual contributions? How do flexible methodologies at DUSP help progress a subject when considering an interest with a wide field of discipline participation?

These questions and more are answered in today's DUSP Faculty Video, featuring Jinhua Zhao and as he delves into the subject of transportations interaction with DUSP's academic environment.

MISTI funds over 80 MIT faculty projects

From building architectural structures with 3-D printing and drone technology, to combatting drought around the world with a symbiotic ensemble of renewable energy systems, hydropower, and desalination, MISTI Global Seed Funds (GSF) awardees help to solve the world’s challenges through collaborations with their international peers. MISTI GSF projects have led to published papers, subsequent grants, and lasting collaboration — between individuals, and between MIT and other leading research institutions.

DUSP PhD Candidate John Arroyo's efforts to improve the MIT community recognized by the MIT Federal Credit Union as he is named the 2017 People Helping People Award

Please join us in congratulating, DUSP PhD Candidate John Arroyo's efforts to improve the MIT community recognized by the MIT Federal Credit Union as he is named the 2017 People Helping People Award.

The award recognizes the consistent commitment and effort Arroyo demonstrates both as a graduate resident tutor at MIT's Simmons Hall and within his role as a mentor, teacher, and advisor within DUSP.