Rethinking what the Elderly can do

Joseph F. Coughlin, director of the MIT AgeLab and Senior Lecturer at DUSP, wants us to challenge the social constructions we employ to frame the elderly, specifically because it constrains how we live after middle age and limits thinking of how to best serve a growing demographic of our population.

Faculty additions and promotions on MIT News

The School of Architecture and Planning has announced that 10 faculty members have been recognized with promotions.

In addition, five new professors have joined the school in the Department of Architecture, the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and the Program in Media Arts and Sciences. Their research ranges from architectural history to disaster resilience to the design of prosthetics.

Empowering undergrads to negotiate leadership roles

Bruno Verdini, a recent MIT PhD graduate in “Negotiation, Communication, Diplomacy, and Leadership,” teaches the popular undergraduate course 11.011, the Art and Science of Negotiation, with an eye for equipping his students with the tools to grapple with complex negotiations in leadership positions. By focusing on the a personal relationship, development of people skills, and giving students the ability to showcase their non-technical talents, Verdini allows students to see how talented they are in the field of negotiation.

Breaking New Ground in the Teaching of Socially Responsible Real Estate Development

Just off the shore of Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Country Gardens Holdings Ltd., one of China’s largest real estate developers, is in the process of building a massive mixed-use project called Forest City. Possible environmental, social, and economic impacts of the project have generated substantial controversy both within Malaysia and internationally.

DUSP Alumni Publications: Mapping a better world

Whether recent or venerable, DUSP Alumni continue to build on the culture of innovation and interdisciplinary knowledge creation – and the democratic dissemination of that knowledge to address the world’s most pressing issues — imbued in their education at MIT and DUSP. As an example of this legacy of commitment to applying advanced analysis and design to understand and solve pressing problems, we are pleased to present a selection of recent publications from DUSP alumni.

Honoring leadership in the Latina/o community

On Friday, October 20th, DUSP doctoral candidate, John Arroyo, gave a keynote speech titled “The Power of Latino Leadership, Contribution, and Culture” at a Hispanic Heritage Month awards ceremony at Breed Middle School in Lynn, Massachusetts. The event was sponsored by the Spanish National Junior Honors Society (Chapter: Rigoberta Menchú Nobel Peace Prize) and AATSP American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, Lynn Public Schools, and the Latina Center Maria (League of United Latin American Citizens, LULAC, Massachusetts affiliate).

Innovative MIT projects at the Seoul Biennale

Projects by School of Architecture and Planning faculty, researchers, and alumni explore the exhibition's theme of “Imminent Commons.”

Responding to the theme of “Imminent Commons,” a diverse contingent of MIT faculty, researchers, and alumni from the School of Architecture and Planning are participating in the first Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, which is being held from Sept. 2 through Nov. 5.

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