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SENSEable City Lab

The SENSEable City Laboratory's research focuses on studying and predicting how digital technology is changing the way we describe, design, and occupy cities.

Interconnected computational elements are increasingly saturating the built environment (whether small-scale mobile devices, or larger-scale infrastructural microprocessors). This new condition allows us to design technology that could function as an interface between people and the city.

Projects carried out at the lab are intended to help us learn how the cities are used and thus make better use of their resources and improve their design.

The Lab's researchers come from various disciplines such as physics, architecture, urban planning, the arts, electrical engineering, and computer science. This allows performing technological development with an emphasis on behavior as well as functionality and form, and evaluating design in terms of both emotion and use.

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Research opportunities

The SENSEable City Laboratory has funded positions for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

Successful candidates would have interest and expertise in one or several of the following: human-computer interaction, data fusion (e.g. semantic web), signal processing, city planning, and design. Applicants with other backgrounds will be considered as well.

Students are expected to be physically based at the Lab and to develop their thesis as part of one of the Lab's research projects. For more information on submitting an application, please send an email with a brief description of yourself to