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Mobility Systems Planning

Within MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP), transportation serves as one of the cross-cutting research/education areas, since transportation links to all elements of DUSP's Program Groups: housing and community economic development, environment, city design, and international development.

Students interested in transportation have several paths to fulfill their academic and professional interests, both within DUSP and across MIT. Students pursue their transportation interests from a broad range of perspectives - focusing on policy, finance, modeling, design, etc. - drawing from DUSP and broader MIT expertise in urban planning and design, public transportation infrastructure and services, intelligent transportation systems, information and communication technologies, transportation economics, airports and air transportation systems, and more.

For more information, please contact Professors Christopher Zegras or Jinhua Zhao

Our Approach

  • Integrative: Conducting coursework, practice, and research at DUSP and its program groups - City Design and Development, Housing and Community Economic Development, International Development, and Environmental Policy and Planning - and its other cross-cutting areas - Regional Planning and Urban Information Systems.
  • Sustainable: Incorporating economic, social and environmental values, taking a multi-modal perspective, and understanding the fundamental relationship between transportation and the built environment.
  • Multi-Scale: Planning, designing and developing interventions for neighborhoods, cities, regions, and mega-regions.
  • Global: Working both domestically and across the world, extracting comparative lessons, to prepare students to work effectively in a range of contexts.
  • Innovative and Practical: Deriving new ideas from fundamental theory to generate transportation solutions and ideas for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Mobility Initiative @ MIT


Students and faculty in the department also play an integral part in the MIT Mobility Initiative, which administers the Institute’s transportation-related graduate education and research programs. The Mobility Initiative includes information on researchers and groups working on transportation across the Institute and lists of transportation-related classes.