Students Map Street-Level Air Quality in Mexico City

As part of DUSP's Mobility Futures Collaborative, a team of students recently proposed using portable monitors to gather air quality data as people move around the city. Citizens, municipal governments, and advocacy groups would then be able to use this data via an open local air quality map.  To assess the feasibility of such an initiative, students began by testing small portable air quality monitors to see if they could demonstrate air quality variation according to distance from traffic and route choice. The experiments were carried out on foot and by bike in Singapore and Mexico City. This video shows the research process and results for the work in Mexico City, conducted in partnership with local advocacy groups ITDP Mexico, BiciRed, and El Poder del Consumidor.

This research is supported, in part, by the Singapore National Research Foundation under the Future Urban Mobility Interdisciplinary Research Group, as part of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology.



Amalia Holub --