11.337J / 4.247J
Urban Design Ideals and Action

Examines the relationship between urban design ideals, urban design action, and the built environment through readings, discussions, presentations, and papers. Analyzes the diverse design ideals that influence cities and settlements, and investigates how urban designers use them to shape urban form. Provides a critical understanding of the diverse formal methods used to intervene creatively in both developed and developing contexts, especially pluralistic and informal built environments.

PLEASE NOTE: In Spring 2021, 11.337j/4.247j will operate as a field study and design workshop course with IAP digital/field workshop in Hong Kong S.A.R., China. The Spring 2020 Urban Design Ideals course is offered in partnership with MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node. Enrollment in Spring 2021 11.337j/4.247j will be limited to students who applied through workshop admission process in November, 2020.