11.S954 / 11.S188 / 15.s23 / 15.s41
China's Growth: Political Economy, Business and Urbanization

China is the second largest economy in the world. That much we know. But much else about China is unknown and/or still hotly debated. For example, what have been the main drivers of Chinese economic growth? What are the driving forces of the largest urbanization in human’s history and how to understand the miracles in China’s booming real estate market? Whether do the top-down urban and industrial policy interventions improve efficiency or cause misallocation problems? How do Chinese firms operate to attain their success, Through hard-working entrepreneurship or through political connections with the government? Is the Chinese political system an enabler of Chinese growth or a potential impediment to the country’s future growth prospects? Will Chinese cities see more “blue skies” in the future?


These questions are hotly debated among China experts and scholars and the aim of this course is not to resolve these debates. Instead, we aim to provide competing perspectives to facilitate debates and discussions among students in the course so that they can arrive at their own conclusions.  


It is vital for students taking the course to actively participate in discussions and offer their opinions. To facilitate debates and discussions we require students to complete reading assignments before class and to be prepared to be called upon to answer questions and to provide opinions.