Digital City Design Workshop

The Digital Revolution is changing the way we live today as radically as the Industrial Revolution did almost two centuries ago. As urbanization accelerates across the world, digital media and information technologies hold huge potential for understanding, designing, and managing cities. Over the last few years, the Senseable City Lab has aimed to anticipate the needs and opportunities that now exist in our cities as they incorporate these new technologies into the built environment, as research insights and new design solutions.

This seminar looks at issues faced in three sites that are make available to the class by the sponsors of the Senseable City Lab. Students will conduct and present background research, identify relevant questions, develop project ideas, and evolve them to a detailed set of digital technology and design scenarios.

In order to capture the multi-disciplinary nature of such projects, students are challenged to draw on diverse fields for their proposals, such as city planning, architecture, engineering, computer science, and social science. Projects developed in the seminar will be personally evaluated and critiqued throughout the semester. The concepts discussed in the seminar will be evaluated and critiqued throughout the semester by fellow students, stakeholders, and guest experts.