Participatory Action Research (PAR) 2

This course introduces students to Participatory Action Research (PAR), which is an approach to research and inquiry that enables communities to examine and address consequential societal problems. In bringing together community researchers and academics to investigate a consequential social problem and determine what ought to be done, PAR seeks to transform existing unequal power relationships between marginalized groups and those traditionally considered “expert” researchers. This seven-week module builds on Participatory Action Research (PAR) 1. This module seeks to deepen our exploration of knowledge co-production with communities, focusing on: co-designing and co-conducting research with community partners at various stages of the research process; actual cases in which PAR-like methods have been used with greater or lesser success; and interaction with community members, organizations, and individuals who have been involved in PAR collaborations. As part of this course, students will be expected to produce a PAR research proposal together with a community partner. (Students may take PAR 1 and PAR 2 in any order.)

This year, students will be working with three community partners in the Boston Area and one in New York City.
1. City of Boston - Housing Innovation Lab
Contact: Taylor Cain
Project title: Sacred Spaces -- Civic Spaces

2. Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
Contact: Robert Jordon
Project title: ​Crescendo Overview

3. Agenda for Children Out-of-School Time Initiative
Contact: Mercedes Soto

4. Wellness Empowerment Brooklyn
Contact Person: Gretchen Susi

6 week module, begins the 1st week of classes