DesignX Accelerator Workshop

Limited to 20

This workshop is designed to assist students in Architecture, Planning, Media, Real Estate, and Art to design innovative ideas, products, services, and firms that will improve the built environment. Lectures, demonstrations, and presentations on Wednesday evenings will be supplemented by workshop time on Friday mornings when teams of students will interact individually with instructors and mentors.

Additional networking events and field trips will be scheduled with the class. The goal of the workshop is to position teams at the end of the semester to make a convincing

pitch for support of their venture to outside investors, accelerators, companies, or cities. The workshop is intended for students of SA+P who have been accepted into the

DesignX (DesX) program at the end of the fall semester, and completed the IAP subject 11.S955 Design Entrepreneurship. Other interested students, faculty or academic staff may attend with the permission of the instructors. Students seeking to pursue the DesignX Accelerator Workshop in conjunction with their thesis are required to obtain the approval of their thesis advisor; please contact the instructors.