11.334J / 4.264J
Advanced Seminar in Landscape and Urbanism

Permission of instructor

This workshop explores the relationships between landscape, ecology, and urbanism, and the theories, tactics, and workings of the field of Landscape Urbanism.  Topics will vary from year to year as Landscape Urbanism evolves. This year we question Landscape Urbanism’s ability to deal with issues of resiliency and climate change adaptation. At the front lines of coastal vulnerability are sites built on reclaimed land. The workshop positions these artificially constructed (and imperiled) districts as opportunities for reconsidering urbanism’s relationship with “dry” ground, as well as an opportunity to interrogate hard-engineered infrastructure’s hegemonic authority over coastal defense.  It further examines the ability of ecological and landscape frameworks in redirecting flux (and gradients of wet to dry) as physical agents in shaping 21st century urbanism.