11.333J / 4.244J
Urban Design Seminar


This is a dramatic moment for urban design. Global urbanization, increasing environmental hazards, technological shifts, and ideological tensions have placed urban design at the forefront of thinking about the design of cities at multiple scales. Much of this innovation is occurring in the world of practice and built projects, both in the United States and around the world. 

The Spring 2014 URBAN DESIGN SEMINAR 11.333J/4.244J will examine multiple innovations in urban design occurring through the work of leading practitioners in the professions of architecture, landscape, and planning. Projects and topics discussed will include architectural urbanism (the extension of building practice to urban scale); landscape reconfiguration (the rehabilitation and redesign of infrastructural sites); ecological urbanism (the application of environmental principles to neotraditional design); and more.

The course will feature four evening public lectures and two in-class presentations by major national and global practitioners in urban design. Each of these practitioners works at multiple scales and their presentations will focus on the content and strategies of work designed at these different scales. These public lectures will also form a part of the Spring 2014 Center for Advanced Urbanism/City Design and Development Forum. The schedule of lectures will be circulated before the beginning of the spring semester.


Note: Urban Design Seminar is required for students seeking the Urban Design Certificate.