Geography of the Global Economy

Explores economic globalization in the early 21st Century and the reality of a planet Earth (Geos) being interconnected in ways and on levels never before seen. Incorporates explicit and extensively-developed analyses of the economics and geography of globalization, its implications for communities and regions, international business and economic development, and its usefulness for understanding contemporary debates around the forms and norms of globalization. Provides a deliberately balanced view of the alternative perspectives on globalization through analysis of key contemporary industrial sectors. Introduces the tools of economic geography by using them to develop explicit understanding of globalization, from the simplest theoretical level to the reality of the stories of key global sectors and their transformation in recent years. Uses real world examples to showcase the power of the tools of economic geography rather than limiting the application of the tools to abstract and stereotypical examples. Serves as background for any course on human geography, economic sociology, urban planning, international economics, economic development, international business management, and international political economy.