Economic Development Policy & Practice Workshop: Clinical Strategies for Wealth Creation

Seminar and project-based  learning using the following framework:

FOCUSES ON PLACE: Respects, builds on and advances the work people are already doing.

IMPROVES LIVELIHOODS with a systems approach to development that creates multiple forms of wealth that re owned and controlled locally.

This wealth creation approach:

INCENTIVIZES COLLABORATION: Breaks out of economic isolation by building regional collaborations and tapping market demand.

CREATES MULTIPLE FORMS OF WEALTH: Builds many forms of capital - knowledge, resilient natural resources, social networks, and more.
EMPHASIZES LOCAL OWNERSHIP: Enhances the livelihoods of low-wealth people and places by building wealth that is owned and controlled locally.  

The Clinic will address livelihood development utilizing a “systems approach to development that creates multiple forms of wealth owned and controlled locally.” Through practice, the Clinic will operationalize the Wealth Creation in Rural Communities [WCRC] framework and work to transfer learned practices related to working in high poverty regions to the larger economic development practitioner community.   Students will provide economic development and planning services to community groups and entrepreneurs engaged in livelihood development and social enterprise.  Through the Clinic, students will be connected to an organization and conduct initial problem analysis in the fall, visit the client organization and conduct related field work in January and complete work on the project in the spring term.  


1st Class meets March 7th.  Graded pass/fail.