11.337J / 4.247J
Urban Design Ideals & Action: Parametric Urbanism & Singapore Workshop

Examines the relationship between urban design ideals, urban design action, and the built environment through readings, discussions, presentations, and papers. Analyzes the diverse design ideals that influence cities and settlements, and investigates how urban designers use them to shape urban form. Provides a critical understanding of the diverse formal methods used to intervene creatively in both developed and developing contexts, especially pluralistic and informal built environments. Prerequisites: 11.301J/4.252J, a prior design degree, or permission of instructor.

In Spring 2013 11.337j/4.247j will examine the issue of 'parametric urbanism' in Singapore. The course will function as a workshop in which students will examine a contemporary and/or seminal text in parametric city-building (e.g. Schumacher, Hillier, or Alexander) and apply this perspective to one of two neighborhoods in Singapore; a historic 'shop-house' neighborhood or a large-scale Modernist housing development. The course will include a funded field visit to Singapore for five days from January 21st through Friday, January 25th. 

Students should also register for IAP subject 11.S955.