Advanced Research Workshop in Landscape + Urbanism

In-depth research workshop on pressing environmental design issue of our time, includes discussion and practices of various Landscape-based disciplines used to generate design-based solutions and landscape infrastructural responses to physical urban entropy and decline. The Culture Now Project (www.culturenowproject.org) is an immersive investigation of the intersection of public policy, urban design, and the spatial manifestation of contemporary culture. Workshop site will be an American city with <300K population, and partial travel stipend will be available (amount depends on class size). This course compliments 11.334J/4.264J Advanced Seminar in Landscape + Urbanism, and it highly suggested to register for both courses. If interested in enrollment: SEND AN EMAIL BY NOV 23 WITH YOUR NAME, DEGREE AREA, CONTACT INFO TO: Sandra Elliot, CDD (sandrame@mit.edu). A name list will be compiled and you will be contacted after Thanksgiving about your status.