Introduction to Corporate Real Estate

Everybody in the commercial real estate business should understand what corporate real estate is and how it influences the demand for real estate and the design of space. Developers and investors focus on the supply side of real estate while corporate real estate professionals represent the demand side of the equation. This course will provide developers and investors with a better understanding of how large space users think about their real estate, what drives their decisions and how they practice their craft. The course will also provide an overall introduction to the field of corporate real estate for those considering a career in this area. Key topics will include corporate real estate organizational design (including the role of outsourcing), location strategy, workplace design, portfolio planning, engaging with internal business units through a client relationship model, how public company financial considerations impact real estate decisions, the role of sustainability and a high level overview of the types of technologies that are being pushed to occupiers. Class participation is strongly encouraged. There will be no exams or quizzes.