11.S195 / 11.S944
Data Activism and Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence is pervasive and global. It is the outcome of multiple, intersecting and mutually reinforcing power inequalities, including cisheteropatriarchy, racism, classism, colonialism and geography. In this seminar, we will focus on surveying the literature on feminicide – the most lethal outcome of gender-based violence – as well as exploring and evaluating ways that various stakeholders are challenging this phenomenon through data collection, analysis, visualization, mapping, creative actions in public space, policy and other forms of data dissemination. Through guest lectures, we will hear directly from activists, data standard creators, statisticians, researchers and policymakers from around the globe. 

The seminar is reading and discussion intensive. Together we will seek to answer some key questions: How do intersectional inequalities, including spatial inequalities, come into play in the phenomenon of feminicide? How do public conversations about feminicide and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and #SayHerName and transgender violence relate to each other? How are different actors engaging in data science practices to challenge this phenomenon, and to what effect? Because the topic is heavy, the course will hold space to take care of ourselves and each other as we move through these questions together.