11.301J / 4.252J
Introduction to Urban Design and Development

Addresses the field of urban design, how cities have developed, the relationship of urban design to society, and how cities are being designed and developed around the world. Comprised of four units providing insights on how history and theory of city design has evolved in contemporary cities. Each unit contains lectures by instructors, presentations by outside experts, sets of readings, and discussion sections. Structured to integrate self-paced learning and interactive discussions to permit collective reflections on how key ideas and practices are relevant to pressing challenges today like climate change, racial equity, and pandemic. Issues and projects under investigation vary in scale and are demonstrated by concepts and practices that matter at US and international level. Intended for graduate students in city planning, architecture, urban design, real estate, business, and other fields seeking an introduction to fundamental knowledge of theory and praxis in city design and development. Course is also open to advanced undergraduates who have completed 11.001j/4.250j and who have permission of instructor.