Practicum: Just Money – Working with mission-based financial institutions to address social and ecological challenges

In this practicum course students will work directly with mission-based banks and financial institutions that use finance as a tool to address societal or ecological challenges in the context they operate in. Purpose-driven financial institutions can become important partners for cities and communities in addressing pressing local challenges. The devastating impact of redlining on urban communities in the US serves as one example for the importance and role of financial institutions in urban development.  The course provides a general introduction into the topic of impact finance and allows students to explore the potential of mission-based finance for the development of urban communities. Students will work in small teams directly with member banks of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV.ORG). The course as well as the client work will be done virtually to accommodate the current pandemic. The class will also provide an introduction into reflective practices that will support students in their clinical work.  Students will be required to present their work to the client as well as in class at the end of the semester.