Gentrification in America

When looking upon gentrification, our vision depends on our vantage. New residents may see an affordable rent. Existing residents may see displacement. Developers may see profit opportunities. City officials may see a balanced budget. Academics may not see much, as data and measurement imprecisions kaleidoscope the truth. In this course, we will seek the truth in these perspectives: the profit in displacement, the public coffers filled by capital, the relativity of affordability. We will discuss housing & home, transportation & roads, policing & police, displacements, root shock, race, capitalism, racial capitalism, regulation, commodification, deindustrialization, and the power of place. We will investigate existing perspectives in search of illumination, but also contradiction and limitation. We will pursue new framings in search of commonalities. We will think broadly, historically, and contextually. We will look at maps. And we will come away equipped with more precise language and a clearer picture of one of the defining sites of racial injustice and exploitation of our time.