11.328J / 4.240J
Urban Design Skills: Observing, Interpreting, Representing and Transforming the City

The Urban Design Skills course introduces urban planning students to methods for observing, interpreting, representing, and transforming the urban environment. Through various lenses of urban design, our surroundings can be understood and expressed within a framework of four methods of professional practice: Observation & Engagement, Analysis & Synthesis, Urban Design Tools, and Representation & Storytelling.  The morphology of the city and the interrelationship of built form, circulation networks, open space and natural systems will be the primary subject of this course.

The course aims to supplement existing courses that cover theory and history of city design and planning by preparing students without design backgrounds for the studio sequence. They will concentrate on the design of urban spaces, informed by (but independent of) the demands of decision-making frameworks, economic forecasting, quantitative analysis, or planning implementation. 

Please note that 11.328 (urban design skills) is specifically geared to first year MCP students without prior design background /degree (architecture or landscape architecture). 

The course is a prerequisite for those students without design background wishing to take later on an urban design studio or receive the urban design certificate. 

Students who have taken similar course or have some design experience (but not a design degree) can submit examples of their work on the first day of the class. The work will be reviewed by the instructors for granting a possible waiver.

Please note that the first class meeting is Friday, Sept 4th
First Recitation is on Wednesday, Sept 9th (there is no class/recitation on Wed. Sept 2nd!!)