11.304J / 4.255J
Site and Urban Systems Studio-Israel

PROTOTYPICAL SUSTAINABLE RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITIES 2025 The Site and Environmental Systems Planning Workshop will be an international practicum in collaboration with Tel-Aviv University Laboratory for Contemporary Urban Design. The course is part of a long term research project that strives to plan, design and retrofit existing residential communities to become low carbon, ecologically responsive, incorporate new technologies, and in general to enhance the livability and self reliance for the local residents and potential new comers. Students will spend 10 days in Israel during IAP and will continue work in collaboration with Tel-Aviv University students during the Spring semester. The class project and client is the city of Kiryat Gat 40km south of Tel-Aviv. (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiryat_Gat ) General project goals include- To advance a collaborative framework that includes both developing cutting edge research and new models in the field of urban design and development. - To advance the technologies and practice of sustainable residential communities. - To design and develop a community housing research project. - To develop new economic and technological applications for prototypical sustainable residential developments. Links: TAU LCUD http://hatuka.tau.ac.il/lab/ Selection and enrollment process will take place in mid November 2011. Class size is limited 10 students. Trip to Israel January 21-31, 2012 is required (expenses covered). Prerequisites: permission of instructor